Each project is carefully designed and treated with 120% creativity, not only for customers, but also for every user who comes to the website, and for my own pursuit of perfect attitude.

Follow Paris is an online Paris event community that offers a wealth of real-time outings for those living in and visiting Paris, including concerts, exhibitions, city walks and craft events.

ANSYS, a global leader in CAE software, enables engineers to simulate real-world scenarios, optimizing product performance and innovation across various industries.

Qlower aims to create a tool for managing real estate, automating tax filing, and asset settlement. It also provides a wealth of real estate valuation tools and services for property investors.

The Explorers want to create an ecological inventory of the planet and create a natural and harmonious online community together.

PickYourSkills is an enterprise resource management company focused on employee and project management.

They provide a set of clear and concise page designs to help project managers better manage the relationship between their staff and the project, improve staff efficiency, and accelerate project implementation.

Ubicentrex is a company that focuses on telephone services, serving small medical clinics in France, helping doctors handle contact and appointment management with patients.

Its most proud core technology is a flexible call management telephone system that can manage more than 100 incoming calls at the same time.

Canvas Plant Animation

Simulate plant growth, using HTML5 Canvas technology Create an animation that simulates plant growth.