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I don’t think I’m just a website maker, but a design engineer who discovers, pursues and applies creative ideas in the course of work.

Hi There! I'm Jiean Yang an experienced web design engineer

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Graduated from an engineering school, I have participated in many projects in the school and worked in 3 French companies successively. I have 2 years of website development experience and can efficiently design websites that meet the needs of customers and maintain work.

I am a design engineer who can complete the website project independently, so you can safely hand over the website to me.

I promise that the website runs stably, and that the original content and design meet the needs of customers, so that customers are 100% satisfied.

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Not only construction, but also promotion

I not only focus on the construction of the website, but also devote myself to the work of website promotion, using Facebook ads and Google ads to help customers build reputation, let more people know you and recognize you.

Regarding the website promotion work, I am actively preparing for a network marketing project, which will help our clients to promote after the completion of the website in the future. 

Regarding the effectiveness of the promotion work, because of project needs, I used Facebook’s precise advertising function to assist with Google search bidding ads. The promotion cost of 40 euros reached 1,500 website visits a month.


I'm specialized in website construction, operation & promotion

Content management

In addition to the professional identity of website construction and network operation, I am also a self-media blogger, and I write about my own feelings and thoughts about things around me if I have free time.

I will be happy to participate in the content design of the customer’s website. If the customer needs customized content service, I can help you or find a content solution suitable for your website.


On a personal level, I pay more attention to the economic and business world. If there are like-minded friends who want to do things, I am very happy to meet you.